Travel the world, meet interesting people, blog for the New York Times

Win a trip to the developing world with Nick Kristof.


And you won’t just be watching. I want you to report as well – probably in a Web log or video blog on the New York Times Web site, maybe in some other way. I’m open to other ideas as well, but I want you to convey reactions to what we encounter to the Times audience. You won’t be practicing tourism, but journalism.

We’ll be traveling with Naka Nathaniel, who is legendary at The Times for his multimedia presentations on the Web. He often travels with me to produce video specials from my trips, and he’ll work with you as well on your presentations and help you file them by satellite phone.


3 thoughts on “Travel the world, meet interesting people, blog for the New York Times”

  1. Oh hell yeah!!! I’m definitely up for this! I blog and have written in the past and do photojournalism.

    Thanks for posting about this Ryan! I’m marking it down to check on it next week!


  2. Not to spam you! But, others who want to get some published travel writing work in, may be interested in this competion as well:
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    Rebekah Logan

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE celebrates website launch with ‘So You Wanna be a Travel Writer?’ contest

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    Rebekah Logan, a travel journalist and copywriter knows how hard it is to make a living as a writer in America. Most ‘prestigious’ publications won’t even consider your resume if it’s not jeweled with Columbia or Ivy League credentials. For those without published writing samples finding employment in media world is next to impossible.

    And if travel writing is your dream, expect to clock in five or ten years as a lifestyle news clerk at $8.00 an hour before you even have a shot at your first byline.

    Logan knew if she remained in America, the odds of carving out a career as a travel journalist were against her. So, she went to Asia, where there is a demand for native English speaking writers.

    She realized not every struggling writer had the luxury, or the desire to pack up and move across the world just to expand their portfolios. And that’s why she came up with The Globe Trodder—a travel website designed specifically to help aspiring writers/photojournalists get published.

    To celebrate the launch of, as well as to draw traffic to the site, is sponsoring a “So you want to be a travel writer?” feature story competition, and the winner will receive $50, in addition to having their article and byline published on the site.

    Logan says, she realizes that $50 may not pay the bills, but it’s a start. She admits the Globe Trodder has a long way to go, but hopes to offer bigger prizes in the future—such as free trips, as well as hold competitions for (paid) column slots, new section ideas and more.

    “First things first,” Logan says. “The Globe Trodder needs a following, then everything else will fall into place.”

    While there is no information regarding the “So you want to be a travel writer?” contest on the site as of yet, you can email Logan directly at

    The article will be published in the April edition. Stories must be between 700-1300 words, and can include .jpg pictures. Include, name, phone number, city, state, street address, zipcode and email with submissions. Submissions accepted by email only. Must register on in order to enter.




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