Surprises/No Surprises

Back from vacation and the first day back at the office, here are a few quick reviews and observations: Surprises Casino Royale: Best Bond ever? Maybe. Certainly a re-invention of the formula, with actual character development and relationships. Frankly, it was awesome. I was marking out the whole time. “OMG he ordered the drink for […]

I was in Boston all weekend, cut me some slack

I was in Boston all weekend. First time really walking around in the city. It felt a lot like New York, except that people in Red Sox hats kept popping up everywhere. Where do these people think they are? Is that guy wearing a Patriots shirt? WTF? Every time I go to a new vegetarian […]

Halloween debriefing

With all this talk about the Death of Newspapers going on and on and on, I started thinking, “What about the undead reporters?” Best interview of the night? Dick Cheney: He kept saying “It was a hunting accident, I swear.” Then he pointed the plastic shotgun at me. Video of all the chaos and skin […]

Not that you asked for my opinion*

*In which I make another disingenuous attempt at a regular feature, reviewing several items that have come across my desk/eyes/ears in the last little while. The Departed: Best Scorsese flick since GoodFellas, although some might debate the merits of this one vs. Gangs of New York. This year’s Santa Cruz Marching Band Review: Substantially more […]