Day twenty-one

It was so cold today here that I ended up with Tom Waits in my head: “…colder than a welldigger’s ass…” And I can’t remember now if Diamonds on my Windshield is on Heart of Saturday Night or if I first heard it on the hilarious/sad/underwhelming Beat Generation box set I bought myself (likely with […]

Day twenty

Yesterday, we watched Temple of Doom with the kids (well, the one who was stubborn enough to stay on the couch and suffer through it with us). Let me be the last one to tell you, it is as bad as you remember. I knew I had never really seen the whole movie more than […]

Days seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen

I’ve been dealing with what appears to be literally the flu, which seems to justify some excused absences from blogging here. We’re getting to the age where “living vicariously through your children” becomes a viable thing to do. They’re not what anyone would call “overscheduled,” but we do get out to swimming and soccer a […]

Day sixteen

I almost forgot again! This aging challenge thing, where people are posting pictures of their early avatars and then today — this seems like close to the worst we can do, but maybe it’s just in fun. How many things is that true of, though? I saw one today of a glacier. Literally, 10 years […]

Day fifteen

It was easier to find “all my pictures of my dog” in the early days of Flickr, when I used tags for every family member and albums for every trip and no taxonomy was too obscure for me to fret over. Today I wanted to find “all my pictures of my dog” and it was […]

Day fourteen

I tweeted once today, but it was a retweet about work, so does it really count? I don’t think so. If you’re not steeping yourself in being an extremely online person and then you crack open the door now and then during a busy day, it’s like a wall of memes stares back at you. […]

Day thirteen

Today the boy played in the snow for more than five hours, without lunch, without a drink of water, without a thought about soccer or school or video games — well, it’s likely he talked about all three with his friends, but mostly it was just continuous sled rides until I fetched him sometime past […]

Day eleven

Whew I almost forgot to blog tonight! A thing about living in the exurbs is that to anyone else, your neighborhood could look explicitly like Anytown, USA, but to you these are distinct, recognizable views. We live in an exurb with particular tracts of land delineated by homeowners associations, tracts that used to be farm […]

Day ten

Dear diary, Today I unfollowed like a thousand people on Twitter. Honestly, who were all those strangers? On one hand, I followed many people for many reasons, and didn’t feel like I added too much mental overhead to my life by clicking the follow button. OTOH tho, omg that was a lot of strangers to […]