Days twenty-five and twenty-six

Hey this daily habit thing is challenging!

Whatever I thought I might write about today was just wiped clean because we just watched BlacKkKlansman and it’s going to take a few minutes to recover.

Spike still has some shots left in him, that’s for sure. I remember one time he gave a talk at NYU, in the coffee shop on the ground floor of Tisch, when one movie or another of his was coming out, but he had to get to the Yankees game and was a little impatient with us, short on time, and how many times had he given the same talk to every group of film undergrads who wanted to think of themselves as auteurs.

But there’s Spike, in 2018, saving the signature ride-the-dolly move for the last shot of his movie. Sorry, I guess that’s a minor spoiler for a certain class of nerd.

The tie-ins to the present of the black experience in America, the garbage rhetoric of those whose idea of greatness is whiteness, the clear cross-cut storytelling of what “white power” and “black power” and “black lives matter” mean — somehow all pulled off less heavy-handed than usual — and I even like it when he’s heavy-handed, heck, I cried thick tears at 25th Hour and needed a drink after it to calm down.

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