If you’re not playing, you’re just working.

Daniel Sato is one of a circle of photojournalists I met at San Jose State University while I was spending a lot of time there working on my (still-but-not-for-long) unfinished graduate degree. Now that whole crew has spread out from the Bay Area across the country and in at least two cases, into Southeast Asia. […]

Richard Koci Hernandez in slides

For weeks, I’ve been meaning to get Richard Koci Hernandez on the phone for a quick podcast about his move from the San Jose Mercury News to the faculty of UC Berkeley. That phone call hasn’t happened yet, but hey, here’s a story about Koci put together by Cal Poly journalism student Lauren Rabaino. The […]

Cross-pollinate or shrivel

I’m profoundly enthralled by things like rapid news-driven development in Django, and building a CMS that can switch from a beautiful feature layout to a Drudge-like breaking news linkbomb on a dime, and of course, leveraging the steady stream of free embeddable tools showing up online every day for your own newsy purposes. But none […]

The new Las Vegas Sun is really, really good.

Las Vegas Sun. Whoa. I liked it a few days ago when I looked at the homepage and an article page or two, but I keep going back and it keeps growing on me. Read Rob Curley’s rather informative take here, including the ridiculously constraining bits about the crazy JOA that makes the print edition […]

Not Forgotten: Portraits of Rochester homicide victims in 2007 – Democrat & Chronicle

Check the sidebar: The big piece is basically a huge chaptered Soundslides with a short slideshow for each victim. The second bit is a video of multimedia shooter Will Yurman talking about the project. Not Forgotten: Portraits of Rochester homicide victims in 2007 – Democrat & Chronicle