Telling the story of metrics inside your news organization

I’m presenting this at a Poynter event called Measuring Journalism on Nov. 10, 2017. My slides are available here, but I needed some blogging exercise, too. I love it when the numbers jump off the screen In my dozen-plus years in the news business, whenever I’m asked — often in a job interview — what […]

#sholinonrap on Clayton Christensen

It’s been a good week for guest speakers here at the office. Gary Vaynerchuk was here on Tuesday, and Clayton Christensen spoke yesterday. Pretty much a coincidence, I think, as their talks were part of two different programs here, but I think Christensen would happily cite @garyvee as an example of his theories in action. […]

Link: How to Use the “Network Density” Formula to Measure the Health of a Community

I’m a sucker for engagement formulas, especially when they help provide a means to quantitatively track something that sounds as fluffy and qualitative as “the health of a community.” Great ideas here for community managers and related parties: How to Use the “Network Density” Formula to Measure the Health of a Community  

2012 Civic Media Conference takeaways, open questions, reactions, notes

It’s been three years since I last made the trek to Cambridge for what we once called KNCMIT, and although the cast of characters has changed (with little-to-no representation of 2007-8-9 Knight News Challenge winners, different faces at the MIT Media Lab, and a rebooted Knight Foundation posse) the outcome was similar. All unhappy airport […]