If you’re not playing, you’re just working.

Daniel Sato is one of a circle of photojournalists I met at San Jose State University while I was spending a lot of time there working on my (still-but-not-for-long) unfinished graduate degree.

Now that whole crew has spread out from the Bay Area across the country and in at least two cases, into Southeast Asia.

Here’s Daniel’s latest post about his work for a school in Bali.  The looks-like-fun experimental flip book audio slideshow is embedded below as a video:

When was the last time you made journalism that looked like this much fun?

Go out and play…

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  1. This is the second great piece of journalism-as-art-via-video I’ve seen in the last couple weeks (here’s the other).

    I’m not convinced there’s any one solution to “saving” journalism, but I think exploring the medium as an art form is a clever idea for drawing in new consumers.

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