Richard Koci Hernandez in slides

For weeks, I’ve been meaning to get Richard Koci Hernandez on the phone for a quick podcast about his move from the San Jose Mercury News to the faculty of UC Berkeley.

That phone call hasn’t happened yet, but hey, here’s a story about Koci put together by Cal Poly journalism student Lauren Rabaino.

The text is cool enough…

“When asked if he made the switch to get out early before the journalism industry goes up in flames, Koci Hernandez said, ‘Kinda, but not really.’ He’s a newspaper optimist and said he still believes in a strong future for journalism.

‘I guess I have a naive vein in me,’ he said. “But I thought I might actually be able to “save” journalism or do something positive in my new role here at Berkeley, more than I could have by staying at a newspaper.'”

…but be sure to check out the slide presentation Lauren created to tell the story.  It’s embedded in her post, and there’s a bigger version up on Google Docs.

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