Beyond Comment Threads

Beyond Comment Threads: A Mozilla journalism challenge on building better community conversations around the news. So far, nothing terrifyingly new. Paragraph-level commenting, Slashdot-style threading, collapsing, and moderation. And if I could figure out how to register for the site, with or without OpenID, I might be able to comment on the entries. (via PBS IdeaLab)

WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange

Reading the New Yorker’s piece on WikiLeaks, it’s hard to decide whether I’m reading about freedom fighters, skilled propagandists, or as is often the case, both. Without looking too deeply, I believe in what WikiLeaks is trying to do, but I’m profoundly worried to see here, for example, Tor server traffic mined for data. That’s […]

Virtual Meter Lets Viewers Estimate How Much Oil Is Leaking in Gulf

Al Tompkins at Poynter talks with the NewsHour team about their awesome Oil Spill widget that measures how much of the black stuff has leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. My favorite part of the widget? Includes a slider to adjust the rate of the leak based on whose estimates you believe: BP’s, USGS, or […]