The audience question

At some point, I realized that someone other than my mother might actually be reading this blog. If we choose to accept that as a fact, then the following question presents itself pretty rapidly:

“Who the heck IS reading this?”

Please, don’t answer that just yet.

The real question, of course, is “Who am I writing this for?” or, if you’re a stickler, “For whom am I writing this?” (note to j-school students: if the word “whom” is in your story, you need to rewrite a sentence or two. unless there’s an accordion involved.)

Occassionally, in the past, I tried to jump on breaking tech stories, hoping that they might seem as relevant to my readers as they seem to me. RSS? Important. BadFruit? Not so much. But during certain periods last year when I was spending too much time in my aggregator and not enough in the real world, my priorities got a bit wacky. Whatever.

One SJSU faculty member told me to stick to the stuff I had been writing about the J-School curriculum, but of course, that was what he was most interested in.

Do I really care about trying to drive a-list traffic my way by posting about what they post about? Well, not really, unless of course the a-lister is an alum.

I suppose I should try and stick to content that deals directly with the overlapping circles of New Media, Old Media, and J-School, right? Heh, those are bigger circles than you think, but okay.

Here’s the deal: I’ll try to focus the topical range in my posts, and I’ll improve the signal-to-noise ratio around here by putting my delicious links in the sidebar. There they are. That was easy enough.

So who am I writing for? Well, me, of course. So I’ll keep pointing to things that catch my interest, and I’ll keep writing about the things I think are important to people like me. Are you a J-School grad student college newspaper webmaster and reporter looking toward a career at a news organization working in new media? If so, this is the place.

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