New at IdeaLab: The People Formerly Known as the Audience need a new name

Over at IdeaLab, I’m continuing a conversation I started on Twitter a couple weeks ago that spilled over here as well. What do you call your readers now that they’re participating actively in the creation and curation of unbundled media? Do you call them a community? Better yet, what makes an online “community” and how […]

Are your readers a community?

I asked my Twitter followers what they think of substituting the word “community” for “readers” and I’m getting lots of good responses, many of them negative. Either I didn’t know “community” had much of a stigma, or I spent too long working with “community” newspapers to notice. Back then, it seemed like a great linguistic […]

Enough handwringing, let’s get down to business

What’s the future of news? What does the audience want? What will the dead-trees edition be able to do about either? Lately, it seems like these questions are brought up by newspaper editors and journalism educators fraught with worry over what will become of their medium and of their readership. (And the children! Won’t somebody […]

Two takes on the storypushing idea

…wherein the readers push the story ideas up the rankings until a pro journalist takes over to do some reporting on the topic and turns out an article… So I was imagining this Digg-ish thing where readers would vote for story ideas, adding their own research and insight along the way, preferably with some data […]

The audience question

At some point, I realized that someone other than my mother might actually be reading this blog. If we choose to accept that as a fact, then the following question presents itself pretty rapidly: “Who the heck IS reading this?” Please, don’t answer that just yet. The real question, of course, is “Who am I […]

Light posting, eh?

I realize this blog has been a little content-free lately, leaving my readers (both of them) with little more than the Muppet Wiki to keep them occupied. Sorry, but I’m still far too busy to write anything content-rich, although this does bring up the ever-present question of audience… Maybe I’ll post about that next.