Channel switching

Not sure how much I have to say these days, as most of my media-thinking-and-writing happens in the office and not on this or any blog, but I’m going to make a run at switching back to WordPress from the Tumblr I’ve been barely touching. We’ll see. No promises.

My best unpublished drafts of 2011

The way things go with kids and life and work and all that these days, I’m not having any sort of big “this year I’m going to get back to blogging” feeling right about now. Too busy. Find me on Twitter. Maybe I’ll use Tumblr more. Maybe not. Which brings us to a list, not […]


I’m strongly leaning toward dropping the “Invisible Inkling” brand from this blog entirely, in an effort to appear moderately less pretentious. I am fully aware that using three adverbs in the previous sentence — and writing it at all, not to mention this one, makes it difficult to make the “less pretentious” argument with any […]

Reintroducing Newstangle, or How I learned to stop worrying and love my blog

Let’s skip the usual rambling, expository introduction and get to the lists: Delicious is dying. Or it isn’t. Or it is. Depends on who you ask, I suppose. I like saving and tagging and sharing links. You may have noticed I worked for a company that made some tools to do that sort of thing. […]

Basic Maths for Invisible Inkling

Believe it or not, I’ve redesigned this blog, yet again. Well, sort of. Ahem, more accurate: Believe it or not, I purchased the Basic Maths WordPress theme by Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole. So here’s the deal. I’m tired of redesigning this blog. For more than five years, yes, it’s been my primary — albeit […]