Channel switching

Not sure how much I have to say these days, as most of my media-thinking-and-writing happens in the office and not on this or any blog, but I’m going to make a run at switching back to WordPress from the Tumblr I’ve been barely touching. We’ll see. No promises.

Items that recently have caught my attention

Reading The Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2009 Published at Foreign Policy on December 14, 2009. Global warming, international relations, Iraq, Chechnya, and more — but not the headlines you were expecting. An important year-end list from Foreign Policy magazine, spotted via From a naval alliance that could shift the military balance of […]

Innovation is messy

Michele McLellan has been doing some liveblogging of the Knight Digital Media Center’s Leadership Conference this week. Check out her notes from Krisztina Holly’s talk about innovation.  Holly mentioned seven myths about innovation; I’m going to flip the proverbial script and turn them into Seven Reasons Innovation is Messy: Focusing your vision on the core […]


Steve Yelvington, on the consequences of removing copy editors from the newspaper equation: “The dirty little secret of newspaper journalists is that a lot of them can’t write very well. That’s by no means universally true, but it’s true enough.” … Zac Echola, on his vision of a distributed and loosely joined newsroom: “The Internet […]