Remember blogging?

Cracks me up. Every time. Not sure how it started, but my top skill of “Top Skills” on LinkedIn is Blogging. Remember blogging? Every now and then someone tells that joke. The one that goes “Remember blogs?” Ha. Ha ha. It’s funny, because the blogs won, and most of the websites/apps/screenthings we use on a […]

The economics of letting your audience blog somewhere else

Spotted isolated bits of chatter over the weekend about this piece from Nate Silver, who used the available public data from Quantcast and elsewhere to make some assessments of the Huffington Post’s business model when it comes to unpaid contributors and their blogs. Here’s Nate’s thesis: “Although The Huffington Post does not pay those who […]

How Web Writers Get Held Responsible for the Lawyers, the Sales Guys and Even the Coffeemaker

Christopher Conklin provides a relatively clear introduction to the math involved in CPM-based online advertising sales, in the context of trying to settle an argument between Henry Blodget and Felix Salmon. How Web Writers Get Held Responsible for the Lawyers, the Sales Guys and Even the Coffeemaker

There is no newspapers

I’ve been saying those words in person to people a lot lately: “There is no newspapers.” What’s it mean? It means that if you’re in the business of publishing pronouncements, predictions, prayers, analysis, criticism, or full on takedowns related to the current state of the newspaper industry, please understand that despite the convenience it would […]

On IdeaLab: Reporter-turned-blogger covers the island of Alameda

Over at the PBS IdeaLab blog, I interviewed Michele Ellson, editor and publisher at The Island, a local news site devoted to covering the city of Alameda, which sits to the west of Oakland in San Francisco Bay. (Yes, it’s an island.) Michele left newspapers in 2007 and launched The Island in early 2008, continuing […]

SPJ’s News Gems blog to close?

Jon Marshall’s News Gems blog at has been a quiet, consistent resource, chronicling high-quality reporting for more than three years. Marshall is moving on to other endeavors: “As we reach the end of 2008, I wish I could say that things have gotten easier for journalists. Of course they haven’t. But after producing this […]