Recommended social media guidelines for reporters

Be honest. Be yourself. Assume that everything you say is public, even if you say it privately. If it’s not clear to you what’s public and what’s private, don’t participate. Inspired by recent discussion about the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and New York Times guidelines for reporters using social media.

Be the platform, use the platform, syndicate the platfom

A lot of talk about platforms for news these days, no? A sampling: Joey Baker at CoPress defines one of the many things that “newspaper platform” could mean to a local news site: “…taking lessons from Gawker, Slashdot and the New York Times, and aggregating everything. If there’s a story online that’s relevant to your […]

Dear Blogosphere, There’s more to newspapers than The New York Times

I’ve been holding back on this for a long time, and I write enough about the Web development team at enough to be held to this as well, but really, I’m incredibly tired of reading media and technology bloggers debate the future of news as if the only existing newspaper in the world is […]

Technology is easy; labor is hard

Aron Pilhofer of on the hardware, software, and costs associated with building the best interactive data projects in the news business: Everything we use is free and open-source. Our platform is Ruby on Rails backed by Mysql databases running on Ubuntu servers. The cost here isn’t software, or even hardware, which is relatively cheap […]

Sunday morning links: Data, DocumentCloud, and the Obama Bounce for news

A few things I haven’t had time yet to dig deeper on, but maybe you will: Eric Ulken offers of 10 pieces of advice at OJR, based on his experience building the data desk at the LA Times: “4. Go off the reservation: No matter how good your IT department is, their priorities are unlikely […]

Watch out for secondary characters with more interesting stories than your protagonist

That’s good advice up there in the title of this post. I got it from a screenwriting teacher, and it’s been a running joke around our house for the last week based on a couple movies we’ve watched lately. And it’s also good advice for narrative journalists. But that’s not what this post is about. […]

Seven notes, six links

Hypothesis: Dooce is (still) one of the best things on the Interweb. Plea: Jay Rosen has the beatblogging with a social network thing worked up pretty clearly at this point, but if the project doesn’t leave behind tools (a WordPress theme, a Drupal module, a useful set of forms — something more tangible than good […]