Giving your sources blogs cuts out the middleman

A few days ago, Dave Winer wrote: “I’ve said it many times before, it’s worth raising again. Any newspaper or radio or TV station with a good reputation in its community could embrace the fresh ideas of the bloggers in their community by offering free blogs to members of the community, who may be new […]

A few basics of design

I’m about 1/5th of the way through my latest run of Preliminary Data Gathering (cue ominous music as if the villain just walked into the bar) for my thesis, which involves staring at newspaper.coms just long enough to figure out where they hide the blogs. As I work my way down an alphabetical list of […]

All I’m going to say about the Google/AP thing

Google News now links to wire stories from the original source (AP, AFP, etc.), hosted by Google, in addition to the 5,137 versions of each wire story posted at individual news sites. Three reasons why this is good for newspapers: Newspaper.coms no longer have to spend time, money, and resources on trying to build the […]

The long tail is a newspaper video strategy

Because I just can’t stay away from this topic… Last time we talked about this, I wrote a post shooting down anyone who says we shouldn’t shoot newspaper video unless it’s top-quality stuff we’d, more or less, centerpiece on A1. The responses from my friends in the multimedia blogosphere who shoot stills and video for […]

Why shoot newspaper video?

Have I been over this ground before? Not sure. I think I’ve thrown around some adoption steps for newspaper video, and I’ve spouted all the necessary YMMV caveats for news organizations of varying resources. But here’s the deal: Not so far in the future, you’ll be sitting in a conference room trying to show a […]

Find yourself a nice comfortable niche and sell it like blueberry pancakes

Did ya catch that headline? Don’t sell it like hotcakes, sell it like blueberry pancakes. Be specific. Let’s put that another way: Don’t be an international news service that decides it wants to appeal to the demographic of roughly 18-30. Sell to a niche, not a demographic. Local moms are a niche; Women are a […]

Running for it: Covering an event with a cell phone and a point-and-shoot video camera

[UPDATE: If you’re showing up at this post looking for coverage of the 2008 race, you should head straight to or check out the Sentinel’s video right here.] So here’s the assignment, kids: Cover a 6-mile run with 15,000 registered participants, including a few hundred elite runners looking to finish in the money, and […]