Internship opportunity: Work with CICM to help push innovation in college media

Bryan Murley announces the CICM internship program: “The pitch: How would you like to learn new media skills while having a positive impact on the college media environment? Join us for a semester of new media opportunity as the first intern for the Center for Innovation in College Media for Spring 2009.” Sounds like a […]

CoPress launches hosted WordPress sites for student media

First, a bit of history: The first time I fiddled with a newspaper Web site, it was, after I walked into an adviser’s office at San Jose State’s School of Journalism & Mass Communications and asked something like “hey, any way to get an RSS feed off that thing?” There was, and we did, […]

Snapshots from the future of online student news

Those of you (er, both of you) who have been following this blog since its outset (onset?) in February 2005 will recall that I first got involved with the actual production of online news at the Spartan Daily, the student newspaper of San Jose State University, where I remain a graduate student, believe it or […] – the ultimate student media vertical?

Two weeks ago, a little business brief zipped across my workflow radar at the office – mtvU buys*. For those of you keeping up with the college newspaper business, last summer, mtvU bought College Publisher, by far the largest hosting and CMS provider for online student media. Now, the Viacom subsidiary adds RateMyProfessors to […]

Questions for student media advisers

Bryan Murley posted his responses to what Rob Curley said a day ahead of schedule, having been scooped by his source — a common problem when using bloggers as sources, for those of you taking notes. He brings up some crucial questions for student media advisers. Yes, this means you. “When you critique the paper […]

Which newspaper will drop its print edition first?

Wired News prediction for 2007: “A major newspaper gives up printing on paper to publish exclusively online.” Howard Owens doesn’t think so: “Ain’t happening. There’s still too much revenue tied up in print and not enough online. A major newspaper — I’m taking this to mean a major metro — couldn’t support it’s current news […]

Spartan Daily online redesign

That said, the Spartan Daily just launched a redesign on its College Publisher site. Daniel Sato and Neal Waters started this project over the summer, and from the sound of things, getting an original design implemented on top of a CP template was more difficult this time around, compared to the pretty conventional design I […]

The Baltimore Sun paints a rosy picture of college newspaper advertising

Student media has it all: A local focus, a microcosmic environment, and a captive audience. Advertisers have noticed, says the Baltimore Sun: “The health of campus papers is due also, in part, to the explosive growth of the Internet and of Web-based advertising, much of it aimed at the young. About 600 campus papers publish […]

More on the online skills study that made me say Wow

Rich Cameron at the JACC blog reacts to the finding that college experience with CMS tools, HTML and Photoshop will help j-school students get jobs in online news: “Those papers that post PDF only or use non-content management systems are cheating their students. College Publisher is the cheapest, but not only content management system available. […]