Shifting priorities

If posting gets a little light around here, it’s because a few projects are working their way toward completion. One is nearly finished (more on that within the next few weeks) and another I just made a big change to get started on in earnest. There’s a third that’s on hold for a few minutes, but I’m sure I’ll be picking it back up shortly.

Anyway, I’m sending you away so you come back for more, later, when things have settled down a little bit here on my overcrowded desk/desktop/brain/life:

  • The Fresno State Collegian online edition covered an off-campus shooting this week with breaking news updates, slideshows and video. Powered by WordPress.
  • I’m about halfway through News, Improved. If you’re any sort of edito, manager or publisher with any level of seriousness in you about training your employees for the future present, you really need to pick up this quick read. Look for the examples at your circulation level, and have at it.
  • The relaunched-on-the-fly Kiowa County Signal in tornado-ravaged Greenburg, Kansas has a map up where readers can “flag” the places they knew until last weekend.
  • On the mapping note, my colleagues at work have brewed up the beginning of something really cool for local search: Santa Cruz Spots. Maps+Reviews+Ratings = a really handy database. It’s still in beta, so feel free to kick it around and let me know what you think.

That’s it for now. Go away. Come back later.

5 thoughts on “Shifting priorities”

  1. The Kiowa County Signal map is a nice idea, but I gotta think that it will be abused.
    Gawd, I hate to be so cynical. Hope I’m wrong.
    Is your Spots map moderated?


  2. @Mark – That is pretty damn cynical, yes. The spots map isn’t moderated yet, although I could certainly see a “report as inappropriate” button serving a purpose.

    @Joe – Anytime. You’re doing a great job breaking out of the daily-cycle model, which I imagine is easier to talk people into being that you print three times a week and not daily. I think lots of college papers in the near future will/should move toward a weekly print + 24-hour online model.


  3. Michele Mclellen from News Improved is helping us out at Assignment Zero — very interesting and exciting person to work with.


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