More on the online skills study that made me say Wow

Rich Cameron at the JACC blog reacts to the finding that college experience with CMS tools, HTML and Photoshop will help j-school students get jobs in online news:

“Those papers that post PDF only or use non-content management systems are cheating their students. College Publisher is the cheapest, but not only content management system available. But perhaps more important, those schools that are not emphasising mid-issue updates and pre-issue versions of stories –in other words, online first, print second– are also cheating their students in preparing them for careers in our ever-changing industry.”

Conversion to a continuous news model should be the top priority for student media outlets.

And if you’re going to publish 16 to 20 hour old news the next morning, it damn well better have something special about it. I want sex advice columns and awesome feature stories for that kind of timing.