I got cheated out of my I Voted sticker

…because I was thrown off by California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson and wife stepping into the room to cast their votes.

It was sort of pleasant to see them, seconds after voting for his opponent, and it was certainly amusing to overhear the conversation among the poll workers and his handlers (?) just before he walked in.

Something like, “Oh, he wants to use the touch screen.”

There was, yes, one touch screen, and although it wasn’t offered to us, I would have politely declined anyway. I like my thick perforated voting receipt, thank you very much.

And then a photographer from the paper I’m working at took my picture as the nice poll worker lady fed my giant ballot into the giant machine. No, I’m not tech-savvy enough to stick a piece of paper in a machine by myself.

Apparently, the photog didn’t recognize me in my SJSU sweatshirt and jeans. I’ll try and get a hold of that one later when I get to work. It looks like a different one is running online right now. Good call on that, eh?