Sacramento digest: Capitol Alert debuts today –

$499 a year for California political news from the Sacramento Bee? Is this viable? Is keeping this stuff behind a (high) paywall serving the public interest? Who will subscribe? In other words, I’m interested in the business model, but worried about t Sacramento digest: Capitol Alert debuts today –

The Internet is for democracy

The Center for Citizen Media has lifted the curtain on what it’s planning to do with a Sunlight Foundation grant. It’s a political transparency project, with the goal of gathering everything there is to know about this year’s race for the 11th congressional district here in California, featuring incumbent Richard Pombo (R-Tracy). All nonpartisan caveats […]

More staged media with the Governor Schwarzenegger

I know I’m late, but the long weekend swallowed up most of my political anger/impatience/responsiblity. So, last Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle has this story of a completely, 100% staged media event featuring the Governor of California, who happens to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. A work crew dug a pothole out of a San Jose street, and […]