Day five

Weekends can be tricky! But the streak must go on.

There aren’t any tweets in my Notes file today, but this might’ve been a good self-deprecating thought, whether or not it’s original:

Y’know, for someone who likes to avoid conflict, I sure do enjoy replaying every one in my head over and over again.

Photo projects, like figuring out how to recover and host and categorize 15+ years of images from across multiple social networks, are a bit of a cobbler’s children problem for me.

My mom is a photographer, and did portraits and parties for years, but our own family photo archives included a few key albums and the rest flowed through cardboard boxes and closets and offices and filing cabinets from house to house to house.

There were blue boxes of slides, piles and piles of negatives, contact sheets, black and white 8x10s from the early years when our laundry room doubled as a darkroom, and boxes on boxes on boxes of proofs.

So here I am, the cobbler’s child, going through my own digital boxes, trying to track down file names in years-old “to print” folders that have been carried from camera to card to iMac to Flickr to Dropbox to Drive to iMac to send off into some consumer-facing cloud printing system.

A couple years back, in a previous Flickr-panic, I started backing everything up in Google Photos, but not at full resolution.

So, here’s a fun file, one of the oldest that I know I took that’s in our online archives:

It’s a scene from the road on the way back from the job in New Mexico where I met my wife. It’s probably from June 2001, and I think it’s Texas.

That was definitely taken with a film camera. I don’t think I was push processing color then, but who knows, maybe it was some 800 speed stuff. Printed as a proof at Spectra on Avenue A (?) soon after, and scanned on my really crappy flatbed scanner at the time (thanks mom, it was great), as evidenced by the vertical magenta stripe about a third of the way in.

That stripe, in turn, was one of the reasons I started messing around with Photoshop (also thanks mom!), so it’s hard to know for sure how much goofiness I added with filters there.

It must have made its way to Flickr at some point, but this one is old enough it could be on, where I would post a few things around 2001-2002. (I continue to be amazed this site still exists.)

And after that? Did it travel from hard drive to CD to hard drive to USB stick to hard drive to Google Photos? Or is this a copy that was resized (smaller) to upload via 56K baud modem?

I have no idea.

Day four

Me: Has a stubborn cold throughout holiday season.

Also me: Stubbornly consumes a large percentage of the gluten, sugar, and dairy laden holiday foods in the house.

Every time I’ve opened Twitter on my desktop this week, it’s 90 percent people dunking on people and 10 percent AOC dancing. Guess which I prefer?

I’m allowing myself a really limited amount of faves when I open Twitter on desktop. (I usually fave a LOT of tweets.) Kinda feel like cutting it back to one a day and really making a conscious choice about it ugh.

Please enjoy this selfie from the streets of Montreal last August, with a notably full beard, after going almost straight from the family beach vacation to the all-team work meetup.

I’ve been thinking about what to do with all the family photos we have on Flickr and Facebook. More on that another day.

Day two

Back to work means back at my laptop all day, with too easy access to Twitter and Facebook and all the rest, but it was great to spend a bunch of focused time catching up on email and other research after the holidays. has TV commercials now, which is both wild and refreshing:

Meanwhile, here are today’s tweets I would’ve sent from my phone:

This is the most Monday Wednesday ever.

The old Toys R Us jingle in my head like a dirge.

I want to program my keyboard to give me a nice little electric shock every time I rattle the letters “F A C E” into it.

Well, that was upbeat!

Here’s one from the archives: December 2003, making the annual batch of arancini in my wife’s grandmother’s kitchen in Caracas. The boxer is Petunia (rest in slobber).

Day one

It’s the first day of the year 2019, and for Reasons, I have deleted Facebook, FB Messenger, and Twitter from my phone in recent days.

It hasn’t been entirely unpleasant! But also, I have found myself jusssssst the slightest bit thirsty for the incessant flow of information a ridiculously powerful piece of glass in my hand has to offer.

The good news: I’ve spent less time staring at my phone. And when I am, I’m playing lots of chess. Although my rating has collapsed in the last couple days of this winter break.

Today, on my first full day since 2007 without Twitter available on a phone in my hand almost continuously, I couldn’t resist jotting down some tweets.

I’m still writing representative democracy on all my checks.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, c’mon already Mueller.

I really should’ve waited until my holds came in at the library before taking twitter off my phone.

Staring at my phone and swiping back and forth between screens of apps can give you a little burst of dopamine if you do it fast enough.

Real talk: I spent like three hours playing EA Skate 3 today.

Here is a picture of the dog on or about Christmas Eve. Happy New Year!