Day twenty

Yesterday, we watched Temple of Doom with the kids (well, the one who was stubborn enough to stay on the couch and suffer through it with us).

Let me be the last one to tell you, it is as bad as you remember.

I knew I had never really seen the whole movie more than once, because of the part with THE HEART but do you remember…

  • The poorly developed female character?
  • The racism?
  • The other racism?
  • Pretty sure there’s a third racism in there, too?
  • Monkey brains?
  • Bugs?
  • The condescending continuity gaffe of setting this movie before Raiders but then having Indy pull the “brought a gun to a knife fight” trick again?
  • Spielberg and Lucas’s joint excuse that they were going through breakups at the time and things just got really dark?

Today, we made up for it by watching Black Panther and it was glorious.

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