Day sixteen

I almost forgot again!

This aging challenge thing, where people are posting pictures of their early avatars and then today — this seems like close to the worst we can do, but maybe it’s just in fun. How many things is that true of, though?

I saw one today of a glacier.

Literally, 10 years ago, much ice, big wall, and today, kinda melty. You get the idea. I saw another meme about trans people NOPEing right off the road rather than play this game.

It does seem insensitive: Reveal your old self, in context of the present, in full view of all your friends and family and really, maybe baby pictures are easier than that.

Or maybe it depends on your age. 10 years ago or first profile pic is no big deal to me, but if you so much as breathe near a picture of me from age 13-19 or so, I would not be a happy camper.

The earliest profile pic of me still around online is this one, a heavily overprocessed thing cropped out of a much much wider shot where I am operating a camera crane in front of a sailboat on a mountain in New Mexico and really that sounds much more impressive when I write it all down.

I have no idea if I ever owned a print of the original, if someone mailed it to me, which seems unlikely, or if it was taken with my own camera by a colleague, also unlikely.

It’s from October 2002, one of my last days in New Mexico, working on Off The Map.

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