Day fifteen

It was easier to find “all my pictures of my dog” in the early days of Flickr, when I used tags for every family member and albums for every trip and no taxonomy was too obscure for me to fret over.

Today I wanted to find “all my pictures of my dog” and it was hard and silly and dumb and I liked all my taxonomies just fine before I started dispersing everything thinly across the networks.

I’m reminded of Delicious — the first time it looked dead, I imported All My Boomarks to this blog. There were… pros and cons to that. Thousands of posts, thousands of tags, not much in the way of an indicator that they cane from another platform — it’s still a little weird.

Up until a week or two ago, I still saw all this traffic to a post from search — people were looking for a fun but defunct lorem ipsum generator, and they found my (Delicious import) post so often I started seeing the outbound 404 in Google Webmaster alerts.

I unpublished the page.

If I were to import all my photos into a WordPress site, I’d want to curate it all first, maybe in OSX Photos (sooooooo slow and lumbering to use) or something of the sort, and I’d want all the metadata to stick, but I wouldn’t want a post per media item, I’d want to build galleries out of albums or something but I certainly don’t want to do that manually.

As my kids got older, I regretted tagging lots of pictures with their names. I haven’t been great about keeping them off the internet.

Another weeknight at the pool swimming upstream.

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