Day fourteen

I tweeted once today, but it was a retweet about work, so does it really count? I don’t think so. If you’re not steeping yourself in being an extremely online person and then you crack open the door now and then during a busy day, it’s like a wall of memes stares back at you.

You check Facebook once or twice a day and it’s not enough to see what’s new, so you just see the things your friends are most involved in right now. It’s quite zeitgeisty! You might see the same viral video three days in a row as it gets shared around your network. Surfer. Dolphins. Repeat.

I’ve checked my feed reader on mobile a few times during these two weeks, just to “pull down to refresh” something. There was a good story in The Verge about something I already forgot, but I ended up there again tonight searching for Space Opera and Hitchhiker’s Guide connections, but it was just a really thin review that said it was probably the funniest science fiction novel since, and while I agree, there were other obvious errors, a quote from the first chapter, all the easy tells of a senior who didn’t read the book and is faking their way through the essay test by teasing out a metaphor on page 30 and comparing it to three other things he’s read 30 pages of… ask me how I know?

Today I successfully convinced the dog to pose in the snow; trust me, she’s happier than she looks in this picture.

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