Day thirteen

Today the boy played in the snow for more than five hours, without lunch, without a drink of water, without a thought about soccer or school or video games — well, it’s likely he talked about all three with his friends, but mostly it was just continuous sled rides until I fetched him sometime past two.

Raiders holds up fine, but it’s also mostly a string of set pieces with a remarkably silly ending. I mean, in retrospect, the supernatural Ark is a solid setup for the climax of Holy Grail, but there’s no real logic holding it together.

The kids sort of enjoyed the opening scene, but it is punctuated with impalings. Speaking of, Alfred Molina gets a really high mention in the opening credits for a character that only lasts a few minutes.

Also, Indy is an absolute jerk to Marion.

On Sundays, we bury our snouts in the snow.

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