I’ve Been Scobleized!

Robert Scoble, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, spoke today at San Jose State University, where I am a graduate student in the Journalism & Mass Communications Department. Scoble was apparently a student there in the early 1990s and was kind enough to speak first to a gathering of Journalism students in the offices of the school newspaper, […]

Al Sharpton vs. KFC

Al Sharpton is a great, great man. Although the New York Times (reg. req.) doesn’t develop the parallels between human rights and animal rights, you can find The Dreaded Comparison easily enough. Peta’s press release on Sharpton joining the KFC campaign here.

The Nastiest Possible Message

Mark Morford at the San Francisco Chronicle writes a bitter op-ed piece today that summarizes the baseline non-cheerleading stance on the Iraq election: “The ends do not justify the means. A barely democratic Iraq is fine and good, but you well know that if Bush had mumbled to the nation three years and $300 billion […]

Media Getting High On Iraqi Democracy

To all those who are patting themselves on the back for a job well done in bringing democracy to Iraq, including the MSM, journalists who work for the Bush Administration, and blogger illuminati, congratulations. You have succeeded in alienating the Sunni minority, who after having ruled under Saddam for years will now most likely be […]

Edupodding 101

This guy just spoke in my undergrad journalism class. He’s Steve Sloan, and he’s talking about professors using podcasting as a means to deliver lectures. For some reason I have a flashback to Rodney Dangerfield showing up to class and finding a tape recorder on every seat, and eventually, the prof. has left his recording […]