More on the Commonwealth Club event at SJSU

It seems like they really are serious about running through the whole “Blogging as Journalism” schtick. One of the organizers stopped by our class and showed a bit of video to pump us up about the whole horizontal communication thing.

The coolest thing about the event, especially given Jay Rosen’s recent post about how boring it is for these guys and gals to talk about the same stuff at every panel (ah – that’s the catch about evangelizing: you have to keep doing it over and over again to everyone…), is that the audience is going to break up into small groups after the panel and, er, communicate horizontally about some of the questions that get brought up.


Of course, given that Pescovitz announced the event at BoingBoing, which has over 19,000 subscribers on Bloglines alone, those small groups could get pretty big. I call front row!

Once again: Dan Gillmor, David Pescovitz, Jude Barry, David Satterfield, Chuck Olsen, er, Richard Craig, and the whole MCOM 210 gang will all be there. Come and see.

Tuesday April 19th, 2005: MLK Library, 7pm.