Off The Map

I promise this will be the last time I plug this movie, but I finally saw Off The Map this weekend at the Del Mar in Santa Cruz. Hey Campbell Scott: good job! When we were making this movie (which Campbell directed), I never thought it would be as funny as it turned out. That’s right – funny. I was expected a family melodrama with wistful mountain views, but the Me & Mrs. Jones bit blew me away. All the cute little dialogue bits that I figured would only entertain me (Never not.) seem to have pleased everyone. The theatre was packed, and my wife and I were not the youngest people there — families with kids and everything — and everyone walked out happy… A real quote from someone waiting outside to get into the 930 show: “Well these people saw Off The Map and they look happy…”

Of course, seeing my name in the credits was fun — I’ve seen it before, but never in a theater full of people who paid to see the movie. I resisted the urge to yell out “That’s me!” or “Yay grip department!” Maybe if we had time for a beer before the movie…

My wife got a little misty-eyed, all proud seeing my name up there and knowing that this was the work that bought her engagement ring. That alone was worth the $8.50 each.