The Future of the Mass Audience

Here’s a few links that go with my presentation in our graduate class tonight:

Baghdad Burning: Iraqi woman blogging about her life in Baghdad – she was 24 when she started the blog in August 2003.

The Annotated New York Times: Putting the content of the NY Times together with the commentary and criticism. Anyone who links to a NY Times story in their blog should end up here. Check out the long list of feeds or search by NYT writer.

Current TV: Taking back TV? Let’s see how it goes. There’s already “viewer-created content” online here, and they seem to mean business.

Bloglines: a pretty simple feed aggregator – just register and start adding feeds. Try adding a “subscribe with bloglines” button to your browser to make it really simple.

Small Pieces Loosely Joined by David Weinberger online.
We The Media by Dan Gillmor online.