First Impressions of the Joining the Blogosphere [JtB] Event

A quick note now – much more coming later.

The panel was diverse enough to touch on issues of journalism, politics, and technology – I thought it was a good (not great) introduction to what blogging can do. I would have liked someone to be plugged into a projector with their laptop, though, so at least people who have never seen a blog (or a web site for that matter) can have some sort of visual understanding of what’s going on out there in the, er, Blogosphere.

Most pleasant surprise: Chuck Olsen was the most authentic voice there.

Most unpleasant surprise: Dan Gillmor (rightfully) seems bored with this top-layer sort of superficial conversation about the power of blogs.

I’ll post the highlights of what everyone had to say later – right now I’ve got a sequence of events that includes: Class, Commute, Lunch, Bursh & Floss, Go To Dentist For “Deep-Cleaning”, Take Several Ibuprofen Or The Pain Reliever Of Your Choice.

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  1. Heh – sometimes being a bad public speaker just means that you haven’t done it enough to look bored.

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