Now Playing: Off The Map

On a personal note, a movie I gave about seven weeks of my life to as a Dolly Grip has opened in the usual “selected cities” and is getting great reviews. Off The Map was lots of fun to work on, and good work. Campbell Scott directed, Juan Ruiz-Anchia was the director of photography (and […]

Busy Days, Busy Nights

Precious little new content popping up here, I know, but (excuse coming) I have been working on setting up my mom’s blog… She’ll be speaking at WPPI next week, and I’ll be working the merch table in the back of the Las Vegas Ballroom at Bally’s Hotel and Casino Tuesday March 22nd. Meanwhile, I’m thumping […]

Library Study Time

Spending the afternoon, as usual, at the library in full-on-study/clearly-not-addicted-to-my-feeds-via-bloglines mode. I usually glance around at what people are reading/studying/clearly-not-studying around me, and the glaring amusements today = a girl with her highlighter out and textbook open, unabashedly watching a full episode of Smallville on her laptop + the guy about 4 feet away from […]

I’ve Been Scobleized!

Robert Scoble, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, spoke today at San Jose State University, where I am a graduate student in the Journalism & Mass Communications Department. Scoble was apparently a student there in the early 1990s and was kind enough to speak first to a gathering of Journalism students in the offices of the school newspaper, […]