Luck of the Irish Pub Concept

Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub & Restaurant (my now former employer – more on that in a moment) has won Best Bar in the annual Santa Cruz Good Times Best Of issue. The GT is an alternative weekly…well, less alternative than the Metro, which isn’t that alternative to begin with.
The point is – we won.
So there.

Actually, I recently gave up my shifts there to spend more time with my family. Heh – cool – I sound like a corporate press release, only this time I mean it. I’m excited to spend more than one day’s worth of daylight a week with my wife and cat.

Oh, and by the way, to the Good Times: I’m sure that if I had been around the day you were asking your questions and checking your facts, I would have happily pointed out that the Lost Coast Brewery is in HUMBOLDT County, and you might have been confused when you said it was in Mendocino. The Anderson Valley Brewery is the one in Mendocino.

But whatever. We won. Thanks GT readers.

If everything’s gone well this week (remodeling), Rosie’s should be reopening Saturday April 30th Wednesday May 4th with a bunch of snazzy new wrinkles to it. Go there. Drink beer. Eat food. Tell them Ryan sent you, and you’ll probably just get a blank stare back, but you’ll be hoisting a cold one by then. Cheers.

UPDATE: Rosie’s reopened Friday May 6th – I stopped by this morning to pick up a paycheck – the place looks awesome. Really. New paint, new booths, new style, new light fixtures — the place finally looks like a real Irish Pub. A fireplace. Another flashy flat screen TV. The works. Go. Eat. Drink. Slainte!