ExxonMobil Fears Reality-Based Community

I came home today to a fresh issue of Mother Jones, including a look at global warming from several angles.

Here’s Bill McKibben in the introduction to the report on how the energy industry (read ExxonMobil) has worked to denigrate actual science for years:

The strategy turned out to be simple: Cloud the issue as much as possible so that voters, already none too eager to embrace higher gas prices, would have no real reason to move climate change to the top of their agendas. I mean, if the scientists aren’t absolutely certain, well, why not just wait until they get it sorted out?

The MoJo also runs down Michael Crichton’s sins against science, without even counting any of the movies based on his books.

If you can’t read the Mother Jones stuff without a subscription, but you’re reading this blog, you can probably afford the $10 for 6 issues. As soon as you pay you can start reading online. Do it.