2000 strong at Wired Journalists

So many milestones this week…

Here’s another one:  Wired Journalists now has more than 2000 members.

The Ning-powered social network that Howard Owens, Zac Echola, and I created back in January has exceeded our expectations, in terms of numbers, interaction, community, and the learning/teaching that’s going on there.

Plus, it’s really bringing some people out of the woodwork.

I’m talking about beatbloggers like Matt Neznanski and Web staff from smaller papers, like Carlos Virgen from Walla-Walla.

Jay Rosen has been talking about using Wired Journalists as a pool of talent to find reporters and editors and bloggers like Matt and Carlos as they bubble up to the surface of the network, and I’m excited about the possibilities.

We created Wired Journalists to connect the non-wired with the wired, to give everyone a place to speak freely about online news and experimentation on the Web, as it’s happening in newsrooms around the world.

I think what we’ve learned, in the first 120 days and 2000 members, is that not only are there thousands of journalists out there ready to improve their craft and expand their skillset, but that journalism is alive and well around the world, in all demographic groups.

In recent days, I’ve seen members at Wired Journalists from Iran, I’ve seen a French version of the network, I’ve seen high school journalism students join the network to extend their education, and I’ve seen entire television news staffs join up over the course of a day or two. (What’s up, Topeka?)

So, thank you.

Thank you for answering the call to join Wired Journalists and thank you for helping each other learn about what’s next for journalism.

5 thoughts on “2000 strong at Wired Journalists”

  1. congratulations 😀
    i’m a proud member of WJ since the beginning. It’s not just another network. it’s really useful for people working in the media (not just journalists).


  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for the mention. I think Wired Journalist is an invaluable resource for journos trying to expand their skills, to share ideas, and to get feedback. I’m constantly learning through WJ, your blog and other blogs. Thanks again.


  3. What’s ironic is that Wired Journalism as a set of practices is about using disparate tools to facilitate information flows, but Ning, where the forum is sited, is (or was, from what I could tell, last I checked) a walled garden with a “don’t remix our content” attitude.

    Kudos to you guys, to have made WJ thrive.


  4. @Anna – I have to disagree when it comes to Ning: Everything is widgetized, available to post to your own site, there are RSS feeds for everything, and there are plans to connect to other social networking platforms using Open Social.

    That said, we should probably talk about a Creative Commons license for Wired Journalists to make it crystal clear where we stand.


  5. > “there are RSS feeds for everything”

    egads, you’re right. I don’t know how I missed that. Thanks! (and apologies to Ning)


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