2000 strong at Wired Journalists

So many milestones this week… Here’s another one:  Wired Journalists now has more than 2000 members. The Ning-powered social network that Howard Owens, Zac Echola, and I created back in January has exceeded our expectations, in terms of numbers, interaction, community, and the learning/teaching that’s going on there. Plus, it’s really bringing some people out […]

I like it when you’re angry

So I’m the last person in the world to blog about AngryJournalist.com, a good (albeit a little twisted) deed done by Kiyoshi Martinez to give folks a place to vent in public, anonymously. While I would certainly prefer that you do something potentially productive with your time other than whine about how little of it […]

Next Newspaper

Funny thing about the newspaper business. If you’re interested in innovation, you find yourself constantly trying to demonstrate the present to people with their feet (and desks, workflow, and hierarchy) planted firmly in the past. And while The Future of Newspapers mostly gets ink for being bleak, the future of news does not blink, or […]

Five ways to produce online news without asking the web guy for help

You don’t know what it’s like for the web guy at a newspaper. All day long, requests and ideas funnel in his direction, with no end in sight, and little help. Web guys, this is for you. Reporters, listen up. Here are five ways you can put together something wonderful for the web without asking […]

If you don’t get unbundled media, you’re not selling attention*

Command-and-control, top-down, masthead mass media is dead. Seriously. It’s over, and the readers/users/viewers won. And without getting all “Information wants to be free,” I’ll just say that if you don’t get what Howard** and Zac are talking about here, it’s time for you to start understanding it. Take Howard’s advice, young journalists: “Blogs should be […]

The messy beginnings of an online portfolio

It’s not organized as well as I’d like, and it’s neither finished nor comprehensive, but if you can’t help but be interested in the sort of stories I wrote as a reporter (way back in 2006, mind you), there are now a few clips from the Spartan Daily and Oakland Tribune posted on my Work […]

Halloween debriefing

With all this talk about the Death of Newspapers going on and on and on, I started thinking, “What about the undead reporters?” Best interview of the night? Dick Cheney: He kept saying “It was a hunting accident, I swear.” Then he pointed the plastic shotgun at me. Video of all the chaos and skin […]