Odeo Studio Test

Testing Odeo’s audio recording tool out this morning. It doesn’t do much yet – just lets you record directly into the computer and spits out an mp3 file. Actually, that skips the whole Ourmedia.org step in my theoretical podcasting workflow, so that’s nice. I don’t know how long a recording Odeo allows for now, but I don’t have the time to talk into the microphone all day. Here’s the link to the test mp3, which should show up in my iTunes feed. [link] There’s nothing in that file but me babbling for a minute. The usual “please don’t listen” rules apply. I’m not becoming a podcaster, I’m just testing stuff out so I can talk other people into becoming podcasters.

If any other SJSU/JMC faculty/staff/students want to try this out, just email me at ryansholin@yahoo.com with “odeo test” in the subject or leave a comment here, and I’ll pass along the username and password I’ve set up.

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Test Podcast

This is a test. This is only a test. If you bother listening to this 1.5 minute 1.4 MB mp3 file, that’s your problem. (second attempt at a proper link for the enclosure)

To create this test podcast, I used Audacity. It’s free, and it records. Then the LAME mp3 encoder does what it says it does. Then I uploaded the mp3 file to OurMedia.org after registering there and at Archive.org. OurMedia hosts audio, video, etc. for free. Nothing. No charge. We’ll see if everything works okay when I link this feed to the file hosted there.

There should now be a feed for my new “podcasts” category available here. I tried writing an .htaccess file to rename the feed to something simpler, but no go. I’ll try that again at a later date.

I’ll try adding the feed to iTunes, too.

Wish me luck.


Okay, the feed didn’t bring along the mp3 enclosure on the first try…I think the title of the podcast had some punctuation in it that was screwing something up…re-uploading (from home on dial-up).

Let’s see…


I appear to have broken all my internal URLs somehow…working on it.

All is well. Okay, but I’m still not seeing any automagic enclosure tags in the feed…

OK. Enclosure tags active. DO THIS:

When in the Advanced posting mode, go to the bottom section, labeled “Add a new custom field to this post”.
Where it says, “Key”, type “enclosure”.
Where it says, “Value”, enter the URL of the MP3 you wish to podcast.

My “Key” section already had “enclosure” as a drop-down choice. Skip the empty box next to it and hit up the Value box as instructed.

Now we’ll see if the catchers recognize it.


(It’s the next day): This is a little more difficult than I was expecting. I’ve got iTunes tags plastered all over my rss feed now, and I’ve submitted the feed (which I have not modified with .htaccess) to iTunes. We’ll see if it works.


IT WORKED. Weird. Very Surreal to see my own name in iTunes and click subscribe. Yikes.
Very scary. For my next trick, I’ll add an image to the feed so iTunes picks it up.