Odeo Studio Test

Testing Odeo’s audio recording tool out this morning. It doesn’t do much yet – just lets you record directly into the computer and spits out an mp3 file. Actually, that skips the whole Ourmedia.org step in my theoretical podcasting workflow, so that’s nice. I don’t know how long a recording Odeo allows for now, but I don’t have the time to talk into the microphone all day. Here’s the link to the test mp3, which should show up in my iTunes feed. [link] There’s nothing in that file but me babbling for a minute. The usual “please don’t listen” rules apply. I’m not becoming a podcaster, I’m just testing stuff out so I can talk other people into becoming podcasters.

If any other SJSU/JMC faculty/staff/students want to try this out, just email me at ryansholin@yahoo.com with “odeo test” in the subject or leave a comment here, and I’ll pass along the username and password I’ve set up.

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