I like it when you’re angry

So I’m the last person in the world to blog about AngryJournalist.com, a good (albeit a little twisted) deed done by Kiyoshi Martinez to give folks a place to vent in public, anonymously.

While I would certainly prefer that you do something potentially productive with your time other than whine about how little of it you have, I’m particularly pleased that so many of you (almost 2,000 comments as of this morning) have found it.

That’s right, I’m happy to see you there, because to find it, you must have either been reading about journalism online, or you have a friend who does. So, whine on. At least you know how to use a Web browser, which is a plus.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent uplifting comment from Angry Journalist #1973:

“I can accept the low pay, low respect, uncompensated overtime, etc.
What I can’t accept are these jag offs who talk about the importance of community journalism but keep me from wandering through the community looking for worthwhile things to write about. The most important thing j-schools should teach is that the largest obstacle a reporter has to overcome daily are the people that logically should be helping him but are too worried about covering their own asses to let him explore instead of punching a time clock at the copy factory.”

(Not pictured: HappyJournalist.com.)

[UPDATE: Apparently, the Angry[YourJobHere].com thing is becoming a meme. Kiyoshi points to periodistacabreado.com en Español, and AngryResident (for the medical profession).]

[ALSO: Pat Thornton talked with Kiyoshi about AngryJournalist in a podcast here.]

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