Alltop is Popurls for everything

Guy Kawasaki and his friends at Alltop have been building a series of cute little aggregators a la popurls that are full of headlines from a set of hand-picked blogs submitted by people who pay attention to Guy and friends in places like Twitter.

Myself included.

And so, you’ll find Invisible Inkling listed now at both and That second one makes heavy use of an OPML file I offered to Guy, so if it suddenly drives a lot of traffic your way, I think you owe me a beer. Guy can buy his own beer.

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9 replies on “Alltop is Popurls for everything”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I just found that a lot of people who I follow are also on there. Pretty neat stuff. I wrote a post about alltop a few weeks ago how I think Alltop is the future of news sites. Still believing it, too! 🙂 Nice that you’re favicon is working – for some reason I have a plesk icon. Stinks!

  2. I may owe you a beer. Google analytics tells me I had 40 unique visitors yesterday, easily 5 times my average because, seriously, who reads me? That’s also the day where you twitted to me and (I feel so special) got me on Alltop. Coincidence?

  3. Good thing your blogroll has some geographic diversity to it. I count 84 feeds on that page. Might be hard on the liver. 😉

    Thanks for passing my blog along.

    (Btw, are you still in Santa Cruz?)

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