Introducing Homer: The Blogware-agnostic Feed-based Homepage Creator for the ‘News Blob’ – Alexander Shaw

So this is a Ruby-powered news aggregator publishing system. Meaning, it makes it easy to curate individual items from the feeds you tell it to watch. Add items to slots on a homepage, or topic page, for example, and it becomes a powerful aggregation publishing system. Introducing Homer: The Blogware-agnostic Feed-based Homepage Creator for the […]

Placeblogger: More human than ever

Check out the redesigned Placeblogger a 2007 Knight News Challenge winner. The aggregation-by-location niche seems to be blowing up lately, especially as startups try to hitch their maps to the iPhone’s wagon, but Placeblogger feels like real live humans are writing blog posts in real live places.  I like that. via the Knight Foundation Blog. […]

Packaging national election headlines for local news sites with Publish2

Happy Election Day-After! I’m still up to my neck in post-election analytics, gathering stats and data from hundreds of news sites I work with to do a little postmortem on what worked, who learned some new tricks, and what the readers thought of it. One of the things we put together here at GateHouse for […]

Show off your front pages

David Weinberger describes the unbundling of media in clear terms: “I’ve been saying for a while, and I think in Everything Is Miscellaneous, that the new front page is distributed across our day and our network. Much of it comes through our inbox. It consists of people we know and people we don’t know recommending […]