Clay Shirky: Let a thousand flowers bloom to replace newspapers; don’t build a paywall around a public good

Full audio and transcript of a recent Clay Shirky talk that includes this note on the unbundling of media: “So, in the language of my tribe, the aggregation of news sources has gone from being a server-side to a client-side operation — which is to say, the decision about what to bring together into a […]

Repackaging the unbundled

Scott Karp (yes, he’s my boss over at the office) is more fascinated than I am about Google’s new FastFlip, but he’s wisely focusing on the fact that it’s an experiment with a new user experience for online news, and not implying that it’s something poised to Save Journalism. Scott’s latest post on the topic […]

Carnival of Journalism: Are we asking the right questions about online revenue models?

As is my habit, I’m running behind on my Carnival of Journalism post this month, set to the timely and tuneful whistles and bangs of talk about whether a newspaper’s online revenue could support the newsroom, how long the newspaper of record will keep the press running, and what a major metro in a failed […]

Newspapers: Vanishing faster than you think

Philip Meyer, author of The Vanishing Newspaper, in AJR: “The town crier’s audience was limited to the number of people who could be assembled within the range of an unamplified human voice. Printing changed everything. It made the size of the audience theoretically limitless and, by the creation of multiple records, enabled more reliable preservation […]

10 blogs your newspaper needs to rip off

I’m making a short list of frequently updated news blogs published by mainstream news organizations that post breaking news and link out to other sources. If you run a and you don’t have a blog like this to put together links and short updates, ask yourself why not. These are all great examples of […]

Next Newspaper

Funny thing about the newspaper business. If you’re interested in innovation, you find yourself constantly trying to demonstrate the present to people with their feet (and desks, workflow, and hierarchy) planted firmly in the past. And while The Future of Newspapers mostly gets ink for being bleak, the future of news does not blink, or […]

What’s this new Twitter thing I keep hearing about?

It’s the Friday between Christmas and New Year’s in newsrooms all over the world, and apparently, everyone’s reading Romenesko, clicking through on the link to a post by Howard Owens (full disclosure, y’all: he’s my boss), and jamming on his link tagging me as a Twit-vangelist. So, here are a few places to start if […]