Notes, links, and recent entanglements

A bulleted list of things that have caught my eye over the past few days, or things I’ve been involved in, or things I’d like to be involved in… Pat Thornton interviewed me for the BeatBlogging podcast.  We talked about ReportingOn, what it could become, and (more important) what it could spawn if there are […]

New at IdeaLab: What’s new in ReportingOn 2.0 and what’s been left undone

Over at IdeaLab, I’ve got a post up that circles back to the first version of ReportingOn, my Knight News Challenge project.  In the post, I revisit some of the problems the 2.0 release was intended to solve, and I do a bit of scorekeeping on RO’s progress. Here’s a bit from the post about […]

The community-directed reporter: Daniel Victor gears up to go mojo

From Daniel Victor comes news that he’s working on a new job description, and a new reporting beat: “If I can sell my editors on the concept, I would be the author and community manager of a new blog. My stated goal will be to have at least one originally reported story per day, usually […]

A podcast in which I discuss the merits and limits of Ning with Pat Thornton

I spent 20 minutes or so talking about Wired Journalists and Ning with Pat Thornton last week for a podcast. Here are some highlights from Pat’s list of questions: Would you choose Ning again if you could start over? How specific should a topic be for a Ning site to be specific? How many […] welcomes

After a round-robin series of conversations between Jay Rosen, David Cohn, Pat Thornton, and myself along with Howard Owens and Zac Echola, I’m happy to announce that and are joining forces to bring attention to the unsung beat reporters gathering their sources around the bonfire of a blog to better fulfill the mission […]

2000 strong at Wired Journalists

So many milestones this week… Here’s another one:  Wired Journalists now has more than 2000 members. The Ning-powered social network that Howard Owens, Zac Echola, and I created back in January has exceeded our expectations, in terms of numbers, interaction, community, and the learning/teaching that’s going on there. Plus, it’s really bringing some people out […]