I can’t believe I’m writing a blog post about Google+

Really. I’m more surprised than you are, I promise. Also, I promise this will not be a blog post about “What news organizations can do with Google+” or anything of the sort. Promise. Will. Not. So the thing that consistently confuses me about social products from Google is that as a user, I have truly […]

On IdeaLab: ReportingOn, rephrased in the form of a question

Over at the PBS IdeaLab blog, where I write about the development of ReportingOn, my Knight News Challenge project, I just posted something that starts to get into what Phase 2 of the “back channel for your beat” is going to look like. Well, not what it’s going to *look* like exactly, but how it’s […]

A podcast in which I discuss the merits and limits of Ning with Pat Thornton

I spent 20 minutes or so talking about Wired Journalists and Ning with Pat Thornton last week for a BeatBlogging.org podcast. Here are some highlights from Pat’s list of questions: Would you choose Ning again if you could start over? How specific should a topic be for a Ning site to be specific? How many […]