New at Wired Journalists: WJ Tutorials

One of the original visions for Wired Journalists was that the “already-wired” would write tutorials about new media, new tools, and getting around the busier corners of the Web, for the benefit of the “non-wired” and everyone in the community.

It’s happened in fits and starts, but Pat Thornton of is taking on a few more tasks around the WJ network as he can, and one of his missions is going to be to gather and write some fresh tutorials.

He recently posted the first in the series, a short introduction to podcasting.

Please, add your feedback to his post, suggest additional tools, tutorials, and resources for more information.

There are more than a few ideas kicking around about where to take Wired Journalists next (online news tool database? job board? e-mail list? more grants? sponsorships?), but I’m happy to say our little community is quietly chugging along, traffic has been steadily growing for several months now, and journalists from a truly wide variety of media, locations, and status levels in their respective fields are all talking with one another.

Hopefully, they’re finding answers there.  Are you?  Let us know.

Write to

We’d love to hear your Wired Journalists success story, if you have one.

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