A podcast in which I discuss the merits and limits of Ning with Pat Thornton

I spent 20 minutes or so talking about Wired Journalists and Ning with Pat Thornton last week for a BeatBlogging.org podcast. Here are some highlights from Pat’s list of questions: Would you choose Ning again if you could start over? How specific should a topic be for a Ning site to be specific? How many […]

2000 strong at Wired Journalists

So many milestones this week… Here’s another one:  Wired Journalists now has more than 2000 members. The Ning-powered social network that Howard Owens, Zac Echola, and I created back in January has exceeded our expectations, in terms of numbers, interaction, community, and the learning/teaching that’s going on there. Plus, it’s really bringing some people out […]