BlogHer and the media, meaning me in this case

The odd thing about being both a blogger and a journalist — on this particular day — is reading a story in the newspaper that I wrote about BlogHer, in which I try to play reality against what the big bad mainstream media (which is now apparently me) would have us believe is the stereotypical blogger.

Did that all make sense?

Over at The Internship That Shall Not Be Named, I wrote a story about BlogHer. At one point in the process, I had written the lead that ended up in another paper’s article about the Pew study. I decided to bury the stereotype a little deeper, and tag it as such, instead of just throwing at the reader first thing. Maybe we should do that more often, eh?

And now I’ve gotten myself in trouble with a(nother) possible future employer. Cross that one off the list. Great.

Thanks to all the BlogHers who let me prod them with questions, including the ones who didn’t make it into the story due to space constraints. Yes, I am aware that there are no limits on screen space online, but editing a version of the story for each medium isn’t exactly in play where I’m at.