Further notes on objectivity, transparency, and links

When I met David Weinberger in person last month at his Harvard talk with Doc Searls and Jonathan Zittrain about Cluetrain, I told him something along the lines of “I’ve been enjoying your blog for as long as I’ve been reading blogs.”  And that’s true. I’ve been reading Weinberger, and — probably more interesting to […]

BlogHer and the media, meaning me in this case

The odd thing about being both a blogger and a journalist — on this particular day — is reading a story in the newspaper that I wrote about BlogHer, in which I try to play reality against what the big bad mainstream media (which is now apparently me) would have us believe is the stereotypical […]

Notes on the perils of constructed objectivity

I mentioned objectivity a few posts ago, with the promise that I’d get around to putting up something I wrote on the topic for a class. I’m not going into the details of “What’s a literature review?” and I’m certainly ignoring the question “What’s a mini-lit-review?” For your enjoyment, here’s my short literature review on […]

A quick riff on objectivity

I’m not going to go at length about the End of Objectivity, or even the perils of objectivity, although I should get around to posting a little literature review and presentation I wrote on the topic awhile back. But here’s a good concrete example of how awkward it can be sometimes to include “both” sides […]