Sending you away so you’ll come back later

Well folks, I’m pretty much all blogged out on the whole New Newspapers thing for now. I’ve started to feel like a broken record playing a recording of a broken record where lots of people tell each other why they need to change how they run their businesses. I’m still reading plenty of on-topic stuff, so be sure to keep an eye on my feed, which is also here on the sidebar of this site, and I’ll keep tagging some of the more interesting articles I find.

As for me, I’m gearing up for one bear of a summer, with travel, work, family, animals, the great outdoors, and a thesis proposal to deal with, among other things. Not to mention learning Flash, improving my Photoshop skills, and learning more web-design-by-osmosis, as it usually works out.

One thing I am thinking about writing here is more about what my ideal newspaper website would look like. I often point to sites that do Task A, but not Task B, or sites that don’t even think about Task C, or even organizations that tried Task D, ran it for a few months, then took it down after all hell broke loose.

So yeah, I think it’s time for me to lay out my own ideas about what an online newspaper should do for readers in 2006.

But not right now.

My task, for the moment, is to send you away to the following places. Enjoy.

  • Journerdism: Will Sullivan’s “…website for journalists and nerds to kick it.”
  • Teaching Online Journalism: Mindy McAdams teaches online journalism, and wrote the textbook on Flash Journalism. Literally.
  • Steve Outing: Qualifies as an online news Guru.
  • Steve Yelvington: “Lifelong journalist” tracks technology and online news trends.
  • Gangrey: Some of the best of what I would call narrative journalism in today’s newspapers and magazines. Lots of links to great stories, most days.
  • Required reading and linkage for aspiring paginators.
  • Subtraction: A web designer for the New York Times writes about web design.
  • Typophile: If you really, really like fonts, this is the place for you.